Sizes & varieties

The following varieties can be ordered:

Egger Premium 30l or 50l KEG
Egger Zwickl practical 20l container
Egger Zisch alcohol-free unfiltered500ml reusable bottle
Egger Märzen

500ml reusable bottle
330ml one-way bottle
500ml can

Egger Sprizz500ml reusable bottle
Egger Zitronenradler30l or 50l KEG
Egger Zitronenradler naturtrüb500ml reusable bottle 
500ml can
Egger Grapefruitradler330ml one-way bottle 
500ml can

Thanks to our distributors you can complement your stock of Egger beers with international brands such as Beck's or Bitburger!

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Sizes & varieties