Egger Märzen

A typical Austrian lager beer, mildly hopped, highly fermented with a full-bodied taste. 5.0% alcohol content and an original gravity of 11.5° Plato

Your beer for classic enjoyment. An easy-drinking malty beer which has won various beer competitions. It has also been awarded for the eleventh time in a row GOLD at the DLG competition for high quality. The name Märzen Bier comes from the month March. The brewing of this beer previously took place in autumn. The barrels were covered with ice in winter. After the ice had melted in March, the beer was left to mature in the barrel. Our Egger Märzen is available in stores and in HORECA.

11,5°5,0% vol


Egger Märzen Egger Märzen Egger Märzen

Container types:

  • Crate 20 x 500ml reusable bottles
  • Pack 6 x 500ml reusable bottles
  • Pack 12 x 330ml one-way bottles
  • Can pack 24 x 500ml
  • Can pack 6 x 4 x 500ml
  • Can pack 4 x 500ml
  • Reusable bottle 500ml
  • One-way bottle 330ml
  • Can 500ml