From field to barrel:
The exquisite ingredients behind the taste of Egger beer!

From the careful selection of ingredients to the precise control of the kilning process - every step in the manufacturing process contributes to creating the unique taste experience of Egger beer


Water is the fundamental ingredient in the brewing process and plays a crucial role in producing high-quality beer. The Egger private brewery knows the importance of this vital element and therefore draws the water for its beers from its own well. This natural source provides soft, pure water, which forms the ideal basis for developing and preserving the fine flavor nuances and characteristic clarity of Egger beers. By using its own well water, the brewery ensures that each beer is not only refreshing and delicious, but also of consistent quality.


After the freshly harvested malting barley is delivered, it must be stored in the Austrian malthouse for around 6 weeks in order to dissipate the harvest heat and to allow the grain to germinate. The grain is then soaked to absorb water.


The hops are used to define the taste - from mildly hoppy to delicately bitter. In addition to Austrian hops, the Egger private brewery also uses aroma hops from the Hallertau.

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Water also becomes a fine wine when mixed with malt and hops.

Discover the diversity of hops in beer brewing

Hops play an indispensable role in the brewing process and are largely responsible for the taste, aroma and characteristic bitterness of the beer. This versatile plant is not only used as a natural preservative, but also shapes the flavor profile of every beer.

Each hop variety brings its own nuances - from citrusy and floral notes to earthy and herbal. By selecting specific hop varieties, brewers can specifically influence the intensity and type of bitterness as well as the aromatic depth of the beer.

The illustration above shows how different the flavor profiles of different hop varieties can be, allowing beer lovers to better understand and appreciate the complexity of their favorite beverage.

The hops are therefore not just an ingredient, but the heart of the taste experience in every beer. Enjoy the variety and let yourself be seduced by the unique aromas that hops give your beer.