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The roots of today's Egger private brewery lie in the 17th century. The suburban brewery of “Pierpreu” Hans Gwercher in Kufstein was first mentioned in a document in 1675. Since 1866, the brewery and a sawmill, which is the basis for the success story in the wood processing industry, as well as the agriculture in St. Johann, Tyrol, have been owned by the Egger family.

Soon there is no longer enough space under the Wilder Kaiser for the expanding company and so Fritz Egger comes across Unterradlberg while looking for a new company location. Two striking criteria led to the decision to move from Tyrol to Lower Austria:

  1.   Enough water of outstanding quality
  2.   2/3 of Austria can easily be provided by this location

So the decision was made to leave home and in 1976 the outdated brewery in Kufstein finally closed the brewhouse. The brewery in Unterradlberg was completed in 1978 and the first beer was bottled in June of the same year.

From day one, work in Unterradlberg follows the German Purity Law.


... We particularly want that from now on, everywhere in our cities, markets and in the countryside, no beer other than barley, hops and water should be used and brewed for any beer. ...

German Purity Law 1514

Getting into the beer business was very difficult at the time because the beer market was controlled by the beer cartel. A few large beer producers had a firm grip on the market. Only with the exception of private sales the trade in beer was protected by cartel regulations. But the Egger family didn't let that deter them.

With a competitive price and a good deal of courage, Egger Bier takes on the competition. Shortly afterwards, the private brewery received support from Hans Dichand, publisher of the Kronen Zeitung, with its advertising campaign “An Egger Beer for Every Viennese”.


The tv spot with Karl Merkatz (known as "Mundl" from the series "A real Viennese doesn't go down") also attracts attention. With the typical Viennese humor and a pinch of courage, the television commercial shows Merkatz taking a strong sip of Egger beer. At that time it was still forbidden to drink beer on commercial television.

Around the turn of the 2000s, the Egger private brewery decided to modernize the Egger logo and change the color of the beer crates. This courageous step quickly pays off and customers like the new green beer crates  and the beer continues to taste good. Egger Beer is a premium brand, from the purchase of raw materials through production to quality control, we set the highest standards and our customers also enjoy it.

Um die 2.000er Wende entschied sich die Privatbrauerei Egger zu einer Modernisierung des Egger Logos und einem Farbwechsel der Bierkisten. Dieser mutige Schritt zahlt sich prompt aus und die neuen grünen Bierkisten finden Anklang bei den Kunden und Kundinnen und das Bier schmeckt weiterhin. Egger Bier ist eine Premiummarke, vom Einkauf der Rohstoffe über die Produktion bis zur Qualitätskontrolle setzen wir auf höchstes Niveau und das Schmecken auch unsere Kunden und Kundinnen.

In 2017, the umbrella brand Egger Drinks was founded, under which Egger beer as well as the non-alcoholic drinks LIMÖ and Granny's will now be managed and produced.

The world of Egger Bier: numbers and facts that inspire

Immerse yourself in the fascinating history and impressive figures of the Egger private brewery. Discover how a small brewery that has existed since 1675 has become a modern company that embeds quality and sustainability in every drop of its products. Here you will find the most important data and facts that distinguish Egger Beer - from the export countries to the number of employees to the variety of Egger Beer varieties, here are the most important figures for the private brewery.

  • Is Egger Beer an independent private brewery?

    Yes. The Egger private brewery has been owner-managed since it was first mentioned in 1675 and has been run by the Egger family since the 19th century. We have been a member of the Association of Independent Private Breweries in Austria since 2019.

Egger Beer Awards: A Tradition of Excellence

Here you will find an overview of the national and international awards that Egger Bier has won in the last years. Our brewery has received numerous recognitions for the quality of our beers both nationally and internationally. Discover the various awards that confirm our dedication to the craft of brewing and our focus on quality. See for yourself how Egger Bier asserts itself in the world of brewing as a brand of high quality and innovation.

“As a private brewery, we are proud to be able to regularly impress with the quality and taste of our beer!” says master brewer Johannes Meister.

Falstaff Beer Trophy 2023

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Egger Märzen 0,33l Flasche und Falstaff Siegel
Egger Zisch 0,33l Flasche und Falstaff Siegel
Egger Zwickl 0,33l Flasche und Falstaff Siegel

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