Egger Zisch

Enjoy an Egger Zisch alcohol-free unfiltered now and then!

The popular isotonic Egger Zisch alcohol-free beer is also available unfiltered (as Zwickl) for the alcohol-free enjoyment. Enjoy the refreshment rewarded with DLG Gold! The Egger Zisch unfiltered is available in stores and in HORECA.

6,5°<0,55 vol


Egger Zisch Egger Zisch Egger Zisch

Container types:

  • Pack 6 x 500ml reusable bottles
  • Pack 6 x 330ml one way bottles
  • Reusable bottle 500ml
  • Pack 3x6x330ml one way bottles
  • Can pack 4 x 6 x 500ml cans
  • Six-Pack 6 x 500ml cans
  • Can 500ml
  • One-way bottle 330ml
  • Can pack 12 x 330ml