Another win for Egger Märzen at the Falstaff Bier Trophy 2024

This week brings another accolade for our beers. The results of the Falstaff Beer Trophy 2024 have been announced, and our popular Egger Märzen has secured first place in the "Märzenbiere" category for the sixth consecutive time. However, it wasn’t just our flagship product that impressed the 8-member expert jury. Our Egger Zwickl achieved third place in the blind tasting for the "Zwicklbiere" category.

1st Place "Märzenbiere": Egger Märzen

Our Egger Märzen stands out with its golden color and finely beaded, white foam. It offers "good drinkability with a mild hop profile." The aroma of buttered pretzel and salted cracker in the bright grain, which rises to the nose with each sip, along with the balanced CO2 content and bitterness on the palate, convinced the expert jury. These qualities led to a score of 93 points and the victory in this category.

3rd Place "Zwickl/Naturtrübes Bier": Egger Zwickl

Our Egger Zwickl impressed with its light golden yellow color, slight cloudiness, and pure white foam. Described as "refreshing and almost elegant," the Zwickl beer received an equally excellent rating as our Märzen, with a total of 93 points. With each sip, the scent of dwarf mandarins, green pear, and pine resin rises to the nose. On the palate, a mild initial taste is felt, in which light malt mixes with fine carbonation and a touch of lemon.

Very Good Quality for Egger Zisch

In the "Non-Alcoholic Beer" category, our Egger Zisch was rated 89 points and thus recognized as a beer of very good quality. Its clear, spicy aroma and distinctive character impressed the jury.

The Falstaff Beer Trophy

The renowned gourmet magazine Falstaff annually selects "the best of the best" in various categories during its grand beer test. From classics like "Märzenbier" to "Pale Ale" and "Creative Beer," each beer is meticulously tasted and rated. This year, more than 250 beers were tasted and rated blind by an 8-member expert jury.

  • 95-100 points = absolute world class
  • 90-94 points = excellent
  • 85-89 points = good to very good quality

You can find all the results of the Falstaff Beer Trophy 2024 here.