serve beer from here.

As one of Austria's largest private breweries, Egger understands the importance of maintaining strong partnerships. As a culinary partner, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Egger Premium: Our specially brewed beer for the gastronomy sector.
  • Reliable Delivery: Egger always supplies you punctually and reliably through competent gastronomy distribution partners
  • A Gastronomy Insider Tip: Egger is a successful, widely recognized brand in the retail food industry and is increasingly making its mark in the gastronomy sector.
  • Top Quality Production: Egger produces at the highest IFS level and has its beers tested by national and international, independent institutions.

For a detailed list of our beers for the gastronomy sector as well as our promotional materials, please see our Gastro Catalog or contact one of our experienced staff members.

Wie es ist Egger Genusspartner:in zu sein

Hotel Kitzhof – Mountain Design Resort

Managing director Johannes Mitterer tells you, what it's like to be a long-term partner of Egger Bier.

    It is a reliable partner, with good support and small ways that is actually the secret.

    - Johannes Mitterer -

Hotel Rasmushof Kitzbühel

Find out from Signe Reisch, family owner and passionate hostess, what it's like to be a long-term partner of Egger Bier.

    We have been doing business with the Egger family for generations and you can feel it, the communication was always on an equal level and with a handshake quality, just as you would imagine.

    - Signe Reisch -

    Equipment for events & festivals

    Equipment for events & festivals

    Are you looking for the perfect equipment for your next event? Egger Private Brewery and our partner Promonaut ensure your event is a complete success. We offer a comprehensive range of event equipment that leaves no wish unfulfilled. For information on rental conditions and your specific needs, please contact Promonaut directly at

    Together, we'll make your event an unforgettable experience!




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    Contact persons

    We are pleased to discuss with you all the details and take care of your request.

    Franz Stummer
    Area Sales Manager Austria
    Tiroler Straße 18, A-3105 St. Pölten-Unterradlberg
    Tel.: +43 (0)2742 392-15326
    Mobil: +43 (0)664 180 48 63

    Paul Appenzeller
    Area Sales Manager Lower Austria / Vienna
    Tel. +43 (0)664 619 54 05

    Klaus Solderer
    Area Sales Manager Upper Austria / Salzburg
    Tel.: +43 (0)50300 16844
    Mobil: +43 (0)664 8522731

    Contact persons

    Allergenic regulation

    • Declarations on the allergen information regulation

      Since 13 December 2014 the provisions of the EU food information regulation LMIV (No. 1169/2011) have to be implemented. Therefore, allergenic ingredients must also be informed of unwanted foods.
      In Austria, this regulation entered into force with the provisions of the Allergeninformationsverordnung (BGBI. II No. 175/2014) with effect from 13 December 2014. For this purpose, the Federal Ministry of Health has two guidelines (see annex). The regulations include the following:

      Information provided by food business operators

      Where foodstuffs or products which can cause allergies or intolerances are used in the manufacture or preparation of a foodstuffs, foodstuffs (for example, restaurants, sausages, pastry shops, ice cream parlors, food retailers, delicatessens, breakfasts, but also community supplies such as hospitals) , Nursing homes or company kitchens, or even at festive events), to communicate this information verbally or in writing to the final consumer.

      Allergenic ingredients

      Under this link, you will find the markings according to the recommendations of the Federal Ministry of Health. (only available in German).

      Basis for allergen information

      The allergen information can be issued on the following basis:
      • In the case of commercial goods, the information can be transferred from the label.
      • For self-produced goods, the information can be created based on the ingredients used.
      • In the case of daily offers or short-term recipe changes, the trained employees must be informed accordingly in sales or service, so that the information can be passed on correctly.
      The information must be kept up-to-date. The allergen information must be updated in the event of changes (such as changes in the product range, the composition of the products or changes in the ingredients used).

      Manner of information dissemination to end-users

      In operation, all information on the allergens contained must be available at all times and made available to the final consumer without being asked for. This can be done both in writing and verbally, such as:
      • Indicated in the food or beverage menu.
      • On a sign or notice next to the food.
      • In electronic form.
      • Symbols or abbreviations can also be used when they are encoded in the immediate vicinity.
      • Oral information, if clearly indicated in a clearly visible place (for example, "Our Sales Associates inform you about allergenic ingredients in our products"). Personnel trained for this purpose may pass on the information verbally. This can be either the food business itself (eg host) or one or more employees. Please refer to the guideline for personnel training on allergen information.

      Allergen information regarding beverages from the private brewery Egger

      The allergen information regarding beverages of the private brewery Egger are indicated on the products (the corresponding ingredients are marked in bold letters). The product pricing has been fully implemented for all beverages since 13.12.2014.
      The allergen information of our beverages (the products for which we are the manufacturer) can also be found in the appendix. Basically, all our Egg Beers contain gluten-containing grains and gluten-containing cereals (malt).