The process of beer brewing

The malt production

Malt is the essential ingredient in beer production and plays a crucial role in developing the taste, color and aroma of the beer. Malt production is a fascinating process that requires care, expertise and time. After the freshly harvested malting barley is delivered, it must be stored in the Austrian malthouse for around 6 weeks in order to dissipate the harvest heat and to allow the grain to germinate. The grain is then soaked to absorb water

  • The process begins with selecting high-quality malting barley, which is carefully cleaned and soaked to encourage germination. During the germination process, enzymes are activated that convert starch into sugar, which is crucial for fermentation.
  • Once the barley has sprouted, it is kilned by drying it in an oven. This process stops the germination process and gives the malt its characteristic color and aromas. The temperature and duration of kilning have a significant influence on the taste of the malt and thus also of the subsequent beer.
  • After kilning, the malt is carefully cleaned and sorted to ensure only the best grains are used. The finished malt is then shipped to breweries around the world, where it serves as the basis for beer production.
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If the malt is the body of the beer, the hops are the soul!

Der Prozess des Bierbrauens

From the malt silo to bottling

Beer making is an art that requires precision and passion. The process can be roughly divided into four main phases: mashing, lautering and cooking, fermentation and maturation, and filtration and bottling. Each stage is crucial to the quality and taste of the final product.

1. Mashing

The first step in beer production begins in the malt silo, where the barley is stored. The malt is ground and then mixed with water in the mash tun to form the mash. During mashing, the starches in the malt are converted into sugar by enzymes, which later forms the basis for alcohol production. This process is temperature controlled and goes through different temperature phases to activate specific enzymes that maximize the efficiency of sugar formation.

Der Prozess des Bierbrauens

2. Purification and cooking

After mashing, lautering follows. Here the liquid wort is separated from the solid, the spent grain. The clear wort is then fed into a large kettle where it is brought to a boil. During boiling, hops and other ingredients are added that give the beer its characteristic bitterness and aroma. The hops not only add flavor and aroma, but also act as a natural preservative. Boiling also helps sterilize the wort and remove unwanted proteins.

Der Prozess des Bierbrauens

3. Fermentation and maturity

The boiled wort is cooled and transferred to fermentation tanks. Yeast is added and fermentation begins. During fermentation, the yeast converts the sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide. This step is crucial for alcohol production and the development of the beer's flavor profile. After the yeast has processed most of the sugars, the young beer is transferred to storage containers for maturation, where it matures in cold temperatures and the flavors harmonize.

Der Prozess des Bierbrauens

4. Filtration and bottling

The final step is filtration, which removes excess yeast and other cloudy substances from the beer to ensure clarity and stability. After filtration, the beer is almost ready to drink. It is bottled, canned or keged and sealed, often with the addition of carbon dioxide to make the beer foamy. The beer is then labeled and packaged, ready to be shipped to bars, restaurants and retailers.

Der Prozess des Bierbrauens

Each of these steps is integral to the production of high quality beer. From the careful selection of malt in the silo to the precise control of fermentation temperatures and thorough filtration, beer making is a combination of science and tradition that beer lovers around the world appreciate. At Egger Beer we take the time to perfect every detail so that every glass offers the purest pleasure.

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