Information & Facts

Information & Facts

Egger is one of the largest private breweries in Austria and has been in St. Pölten-Unterradlberg since 1978.

Producing the finest quality products, with the best taste, features high on the list of priorities for the Egger team today, just as it did back in 1978. Containers are filled in a 3-shift operation, with up to 12 brews per day (which is around 40 lorry loads per day, 5 days a week). In 2016, the private brewery Egger breached the noise walls of 1 million hectoliters.

50,000 cans and 30,000 bottles are filled per hour. With the new can opener (investment of 6 million euros) opened in February 2017, 36,000 cans per hour can be filled, with a maximum capacity of 850,000 cans per day.

The main part of the total output is sold in Austria,   a little more than 1/3   is exported to the countries   Hungary, Germany, Slovenia or Italy but also China, Paraguay, South Korea and Russia  .

Our products are brewed, quality controlled and regularly inspected in accordance with strict guidelines in order to guarantee the highest in Egger quality.