Carbon-neutral production

Brewed 100% carbon-neutral

As an Austrian, family-run private brewery, sustainability is an essential principle of action and a firm enterprise value. Sustainability means ensuring that we meet the needs of today's generations without compromising future generations.

Since February 2017, we have been producing a total of carbon-neutral products. Thanks to our in-house biomass power plant and an external electricity provider which operates exclusively with renewable energy sources, 99% of the energy used has already been produced carbon-neutral. The remaining CO2 emissions are compensated by climate certificates. The following projects are supported: 

Therefore our Egger beers are brewed "carbon-neutral".

Carbon-neutral production



We only use best ingredients for our tasteful Egger beer...

... this is also reflected by numerous awards as well as by your taste buds.

Water is the most important ingredient for a brewer. The private brewery Egger draws its water from its own private spring.

The freshly harvested malting barley is stored in an Austrian malting house for six weeks after it is delivered. This allows the grain to cool after the harvest and to pass through a period of dormancy. The barley is then steeped in water.

The hops define the flavour of the beer, ranging from mildly hoppy to slightly bitter. In addition to Austrian hops, the private brewery Egger also uses aromatic hops from Hallertau in Germany.