Egger Beer at the Genussfachmesse in Salzburg

Egger Bier marked a significant presence at this year’s Transgourmet Trade Fair, highlighting its commitment to excellence and community engagement within the gastronomy sector. The event, held in Salzburg, was a resounding success, drawing in a large number of attendees and exuding a festive atmosphere throughout the venue.

Transgourmet is renowned for being one of the leading wholesale suppliers in Europe, specifically catering to the needs of the catering, hospitality, and gastronomy industries. This year's fair showcased a plethora of innovative products and services tailored to these sectors, emphasizing sustainability and quality.

The Egger Bier team, led by our Gastronomy Sales Managers, engaged with a diverse group of visitors, ranging from industry professionals to culinary enthusiasts. The team's expertise and passion for quality brewing were evident as they introduced attendees to our premium products, including the specially crafted Egger Premium Bier, ideal for the gastronomy sector.

"It’s always exciting to connect with our peers in the industry and discuss future trends and opportunities.", so Klaus Solderer, Lead Manager of the Gastronomy Team.